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For Peat's Sake

For Peat's Sake

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100% Eco Coir compost.  The future of compost is coir.  The ethos behind this UK company is the drive for sustainability and the importance of tackling the problem of peat in compost as it's so important for our climate to leave peat in bogs where it does the job that nature intended, sequestering C02.

This innovative product is a sustainable and beneficial solution, made from a renewable resource, coconuts!

Simply remove and recycle the packaging, then place the coir in a container that will hold water.  Over a period of approx 15 mins, gradually add water to hydrate.

Store in a cool, dry place.  Contents: the pith of coconuts (100%)

Available in 2 sizes, 140g = 3ltr or 600g = 11.5ltr.

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