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‘Natural Seaweed Fertiliser’ Serum

‘Natural Seaweed Fertiliser’ Serum

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‘Natural Seaweed Fertiliser’ Serum.

  • Sustainable
  • Pesticide Free
  • Earth Friendly
  • Anti - Oxidants
  • Unpasturised

This seaweed fertiliser contains a balanced mix of essential plant nutrients and a range of vital micronutrients.  Seaweed fertiliser helps promote root, shoot and soil health whilst protecting against ntural stressors such as drought and pests.

Environmentally sourced and picked from waste seaweed which otherwise would have gone to landfill or left to rot.

Suitable for all houseplants and garden plants, maximising fruit and vegetable yields, and also flower and lawn vitality.

Simply shake well before use then add 2-3 drops to every 1L of water and apply the solution around the base of the plants every 7-14 days (different plants may vary, see dilution rates online).


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