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‘Flourish Bioactive Boost’

‘Flourish Bioactive Boost’

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'Flourish' Bioactive Boost.  Concentrated seaweed extract. 

'Flourish' is a premium seaweed extract, packed full of bioactive compounds and phytohormones to reduce stress and improve plant growth.

'Flourish' uses a natural extraction process without any chemicals, at a low temperature, to harvest the highest quality bioactive compounds.

'Flourish' is certified for use in organic cultivation and is suitable for use in soil, coco and hydroponic systems.

Ways to use as a root feed:

- Add 0.25ml - 0.5ml per L of water.
- Ensure water is well mixed after adding.

Ways to use as a foliar feed:

- Dilute 10ml per L of water.
- Spray every 10-14 days.


- Ascophyllum nodosum extract.

250ml.  Soil Association Approved.

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